About me

I am a fine artist born in Birmingham UK, who is currently based in Brussels. My works predominates in Drawing and my inspirations are attracted to the ideals of surrealism. My influences are from several artists such as Dali, Bosch and M.C Escher. I graduated from the University for the creative arts in Farnham, with a Ba Hons degree in Fine Art 2008. During my time at the university, I excelled in sculpting and honed my skills in creating sculptures out of metal. I continued to focus on my skills and concepts in creating different Surreal and Utopian worlds that contemplates on different existences in alternate universes. In one of my concepts I associated that the world and universe is based on a collage. This helped me apply different subjects and visuals into a mixture of metaphor’s that allows the viewers to freely interpret its meanings to themselves. I have exhibited in several locations as an emerging artist that were based in the United kingdom, Hong Kong and France. I headlined for the London showcase cities exhibition in June 2011 and also exhibited my works at the Hong Kong Cultural Arts center in April 2013, alongside with other local artists as well.